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We are the leader in video game console repairs. With expertise in Playstation 3 , Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, and all popular handhelds such as the Nintendo DS, DSi,DSi-XL, 3D, Sony PSP GO and more.We specialize in 3 Red Lights Fix ,Xbox 360 Repair E74, Xbox 360 Lense Replacement

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Game Console Repair. PS3 Xbox 360 Nintendo Same Day Professional Repair Service Now Available. The game console has become a common household accessory nowadays especially if there are kids in the house. It has become a favourite activity of not just kids but adults as well. There are even some individuals who become addicted to it. Some cannot spend a day without playing with their game console. It has become a source of entertainment and relaxation for so many people. The increasing popularity of the game console has also increased the need for game console repair services. Game consoles, no matter what brand ( Playstation, Xbox 360, Nintendo ) will need repairs sooner or later. Because of this, the market for game console repair services has also increased. Bring your game console to the professionals at Today ! We have trained technical staff that specializes in Game Console Repair. These technicians have years of knowledge that can be applied for every repair in our store, for every device on hand. The well informed, knowledgeable team is one of the most priced assets of our repair store. Our Company Repair Stop is the most trustable Game Console Repair Service Center in Los Angeles area. Call now and back to the gaming seats at same day !

Console Repair Services.Prices are inclusive of all parts, labor and installation.There are no hidden charges.
We provide a six month warranty on all of our repairs. Minimal down-time: 1-3 day turnaround. © 2013 Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners.